Boxes & Crates


Crates designed and fabricated to successfully ship very expensive products worldwide are part of our daily production. These products may be constructed from lumber, plywood, OSB, or hardwood where strength is of primary importance. Special hardware for reinforcing can also be used when necessary.

New Pallets


Hardwood and pine pallets are built to customer specifications with both prescriptive and performance data provided to the customer if needed.  WE DO NOT CHEAT ON PALLET SPECIFICATIONS.  We use state of the art equipment in producing pallet parts and assembly of those parts.

Nelson and Sons offers you the finest quality of products with the capabilities of complete customization.  Call us today to discuss your wood product needs.

Wood Bins


These hardwood bins serve all or any of the uses for which pallet bins are designed, including harvesting, toting, processing, storing, and shipping agricultural commodities (SWEET POTATOES) and other industrial materials and products.


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Nelson and Sons, Inc.


Hardwood/Pine Lumber--Cut to Size


A Package Deck Saw with Laser Light accuracy is used to produce cut to length pieces of lumber that may be used in any number of industrial shipping needs.  For example, items shipped in containers may need to be braced to prevent damage to the finished products.

Recycled Pallets


Both Recycle A and B 48 X 40 styled GMA pallets are inventoried.  These pallets have been both recycled and inspected to be sure they are on spec and suitable for use.