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Wood Treatments




WOOD IS TRULY WONDERFUL…..but it has its faults.  Untreated lumber may have the risk of carrying harmful plant pests that could be harmful to forest around the world.  A standard, ISPM 15, is a certification program that makes wood acceptable for import/export use.


Our Company can provide both pine and hardwood lumber and finished products that are ISPM 15 certified and stamped.  We have certification for both HEAT TREATMENT (HT) (Pine only) and FUMIGATION (MB).  Lee Inspection, our auditor and certifier, keeps our Company current on all ISPM 15 ISSUES. 

Pallet recycling is only part of the “UNIT LOAD” recycling needs.  Our customers also expect us to review tier sheets, top frames, and any other part of their unit load.  Each item is carefully inspected to be sure it meets their specifications for reuse.  If needed, we can also provide disposal solutions for any unacceptable or non-spec item.

Nelson and Sons Inc. has the services you need to get the job done right! We understand that our customers often transport expensive, irreplaceable items.  We are here to help you ensure that everything arrives safely and meets shipping standards--both domestic and international. Call us today to discuss your wood product needs.


The presence of mold on any product is both unsightly and generally unacceptable on wood packaging, especially pallets.


Mold on pallets may be accelerated under certain weather conditions and may require year round treatment especially in the deep South.  We can treat all pallets against both insects and mold using a dip diffusion automated system.  All treated pallets are stored in a “clean” environment for an agreed upon time.   However, customers must take the proper precautions in shipping, storing and use of pallets treated against mold.


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Nelson and Sons, Inc.


Inventory Management

Nelson and Sons, Inc. offers an environmentally-focused Inventory Management division to design, fabricate, recycle, dispose of and store wooden pallets.


A hallmark of this division is its environmentally-conscious perspective.  The purpose of this division is to produce high-quality pallets that make more "trips", using fewer trees; recycling pallets to reduce the waste stream each year; converting irreparable pallets into chips, creating a value-added product; and protecting valuable water streams with dry pallet storage for its customers. Our customers now have just-in-time "dryer" pallets to ship moisture sensitive products.